Artist Proposals


We would love to show your work! To best display you as an artist or group, we want to ensure the exhibition is cohesive whether it is through a theme, style, statement or group identity.

Exhibitions will be awarded based on:

  • artistic quality

  • innovation or originality of ideas

  • cohesiveness of collection

General terms:

  • Expo68 will take 40% commission on all sales.

  • Expo68 retains the rights to curate and reject entries that are not cohesive within the exhibition.

  • Artist may have input on how the work is laid out in the gallery, but Expo 68 will hang all work.

  • Expo 68 insures work during the exhibition, but suggest that artist or organizations also secure their own insurance.

Solo or small group exhibitions:

  • We are not a vanity gallery. there is significant cost in creating enough work to fill a gallery so we will not charge rental fees.

Art organizations:

  • If you collect an entry fee for you exhibition, Expo 68 will charge $400 for 1 month. Expo 68 commission on sales during the exhibition will be deducted from the rental cost. Final invoice will be at the close of the exhibition.

To Apply:

  • Fill out Form Below

  • Be sure to state your idea or criteria for a cohesive collection

  • Submit images that best express your idea for the exhibition by clicking upload button below

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