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Art of Words : Inspiring Conversation

Often, it is a striking visual that serves as the catalyst to start a poet’s or playwright’s creative juices flowing. A poignant exchange at an airport, the anguish of a broken heart, or the majesty of a wind-swept road at dusk can evoke a precise emotion, which then gets crafted onto the page. 

 The concept for the exhibit originated in a conversation among an artist, a writer, and a gallery owner. From this conversation emerged a show designed to demonstrate the collaborative spirit among artists of diverse creative disciplines. Poets and painters, songwriters and playwrights, artists with varying experiences make up the select group of 16 wirters and 11 artists who are party to this marriage of the literary and the artistic.

 In The Art of Words, you will discover the powerful imagery and intimate emotion of the written word conversing with the visual language of art.

 A special thank you to Carl William Thiel and Wendy Caldwell Maloney for their help in coordinating the exhibition.

 “When any creative work brings about a dialogue, even if unspoken, between artist and audience, it succeeds.” - Carl William Thiel