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Katie Militello Scholarship Fundraiser Exhibition

Artist Reception August 2nd, 6-8pm

Following the advice of Leonardo daVinci, the ultimate artist and scientist, I have studied the science of art and the art of science to learn to see that everything is connected to everything else. 

        My work as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist requires immediate analysis to provide results that physicians need to diagnose and treat patients. My job is literally a matter of life and death. My scientific work is intense and demanding.

     Creating art relieves the stress of my clinical work and brings joy to me and hopefully others. I have been told that my art is cheerful and colorful and brightens up a person’s day. Unlike my laboratory job, my drawing and painting has no time pressure. 

In both my scientific work and art, I focus on fine color and shape distinction and patterns that require interpretation. Both require special techniques and tools and constant attention to nuance. I think balancing science & art helps me to see connections in everything.