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"Traveling Light" - Photography and Haiku Poetry by Janet Schiff-Difiore

Opening Reception September 7th 5-7pm

As far back as I can I remember, I have always felt one with nature. Through my travels and daily walks with my dog, it has been in nature where I have always gained perspective, balance and harmony to my life. When I moved to the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario I could not help but be inspired and motivated to share this experience. I began sharing with my daughters, who by then were living away. Friends and family began to respond and my creative process was ignited. Day by day I develop my art, merging the thoughts running through my head with the views I see through my lens. A perspective of my world blending with nature, into what we have come to appreciate as, PicturethisHaiku. 

I am an avid observer of nature, reading it like a great book and taking away valuable lessons and insight that I then apply to my life. What I see is what I look for. Nature is not static, it is ever changing, therefore I have learned to be flexible and adapt to change. Nature is seasonal and cyclical, we depend and set our clocks to it; so I have learned to trust the process. As I watch the sun rise and set, I observe the patterns giving peace and serenity to the start and end of my day; and, as I watch nature heal and renew, I find the courage to change, heal and find hope. 

It is my intention that the viewer of PicturethisHaiku will look and observe nature perhaps in a different way. Taking in all the richness around us, perhaps never forgetting that we are one small part of something greater and this alone, gives us a healthy perspective to our daily lives.

Only through my lens

Do I see things that I cannot

Begin to explain