Expo 68 is committed to great design and has many one of a kind gifts. On line shopping has removed the experience of discovery and individuality. The design gallery is worth the drive to acquire something truly special. We want to bring great products you cannot find just anywhere and we strive to support as many local artisan and design companies as we can find.

Here are some of our brands


Buffalo Made Co

BMCO merges a blue collar work ethic with modern design aesthetics.

Buffalo Made Co. is a passion project. It’s an outlet to make products that I want and that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Buffalo Made Co. is about the people made in Buffalo showing that pride. The brand is inspired by Buffalo’s past, present, and future. When customers show their support and make a purchase, my intent is that they proudly say “I am Buffalo Made” not just “This was made in Buffalo”.


Heitis Watch

Heitis Watch is a Microbrand Watch Company. We offer first-rate products at great prices and exceptional customer service.  We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve your watch wearing experience. 

Heitis watches have become synonymous with quality, and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic watches that fit any budget. 


Nox Corvum

“My artwork is a relationship between many influences, all playing harmoniously off one another. It is first a relationship between nature (stones and metal) and man (the wearer). My work is inspired by history and culture, past and present, which gives my jewelry a vintage style with a contemporary design. I strive to balance beauty with function and wearability, while creating heirloom pieces that will carry the past into the future. I am inspired by color and texture, movement, seasons, sounds, memories, and moods. My strength in technique produces a quality piece that will stand up to daily wear, and last throughout generations, until it, too, becomes a relic in its own right.”